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Fresh out of the oven.
Natural. No essences. No artificial flavors.
Only natural ingredients.
Excellent taste and service excellence.
Cakes. Pastries. Chocolates. Cookies. Muffins. Cup Cakes. Croissants.
Get them all!

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  • Baklava (7)

    Baklava Sweet Online Bangalore | Order Baklava Online Bangalore Baklava is a rich, sweet dessert crispy filo pastry made of layers of filo dough filled with ch...
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  • Donuts (17)

    Donuts Order Online Bangalore | Donuts Online Delivery Bangalore  Donuts are very light, fluffy, smooth and just sweet delicious fried danish pastry in beautiful...
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  • Macarons (23)

    Macarons Order Online Delivery Bangalore | French Cookies Bangalore  Macarons are stylish french cookies made with purest of almond powder for cookie cris...
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  • Pastry & Snack (31)

    Pastry & Snack
    Pastries Order Online Bangalore | Snacks Order Online Bangalore Pastry and Snacks are best options to eat in all seasons. Whether served as a fun appetizer or a...
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  • Cakes (77)

    [rev_slider alias="cake"] Cake Order Online Bangalore : We have a cake for every occasion and celebration. Cakes that are ...
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  • Chocolates (13)

    [rev_slider alias="chocolates"] Our chocolates are handmade to painstaking precision to provide you a very special indulgence. Irrespective of ...
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  • Cup Cakes (18)

    Cup Cakes
    Here’s to a special occasion, a treat - up for grabs! A nimble bite for any occasion, which satisfies ...
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  • Muffins (18)

    [rev_slider muffins] Break fast with a muffin and an espresso for a daily delectable treat. Packed with healthy ingredients ...
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  • Croissants (6)

    Interested in a continental breakfast? Our croissants are warm and buttery. They provide you with a traditional French breakfast food ...
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