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Quality Control Policy

At Café Hops we are highly conscious of the fact that it is the quality of our products and services that make us the bakery of choice. Hence, it is our constant endeavor to maintain and surpass customer expectations consistently in all aspects of quality.

Distinctive quality policy

OUR Quality Control Policy revolves around three main ingredients /main assets: our Customers, Services we offer, and our Products.

Ensure that we always use only the very best, finest and freshest ingredients in all our products.

Assure efficient and accurate monitoring of product safety and quality aspects so that to maintain the standards according to the set norms and guidelines.

Maintain a safe and sanitary work and retail environment.

Maintain authentic and robust systems for checking and verifying process compliance.

Ensure that the highest levels of hygiene are maintained at our production facilities and our bakery is in order to preclude chances of any contamination.

Ensure that all our staff is well trained in all aspects of quality management and undergo regular refresher training to maintain the high standards that we set for ourselves.

Follow our established stringent guidelines on process and product quality and maintain only the freshest products on the shelf.