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Bakes Alaska Cake

Cake with layering of ice cream of your choice. Defies all logic… isn’t it? Its Bakes Alaska Cake. For any celebration / occasion or just want to have it, Bakes Alaska Cake is always perfect and balance of cake and ice cream. To celebrate the special occasions or moments in life you can ask for Bakes Alaska Cake decorated with some theme based design with icing (fresh cream) with some decoration on top or side of it to give new high dimension of yummy taste and awesome look. But as additional decoration with icing is part of the custom  design requirement you can contact us here You can choose Egg less, Fat free and Sugar free options to make this Bakes Alaska cake perfect for your taste and health. With sugar free option, we bake complete sugar free Bakes Alaska cake with sugar free cream. For shapes you can choose round, rectangle, heart shape to give the occasion perfect look. We make photo or picture Bakes Alaska cake in minimum 1.5 KG.

If you want to order cake of above 5kg ,please click Here

Cafe Hops Bangalore, buy fresh custom cake. Cash on delivery / online payment. Egg less / fat free / sugar free cake option. Bakes Alaska Cake / Pastry, Cash on delivery, Online payment with any credit or debit card, Cafe Hops Bangalore, 24 hour cake home delivery, custom / designer cake, egg less cake, sugar free cake, fat free cake. Mid night cake delivery.
  1. The images and sizes of final products may vary about 15% and you have to pay for actual delivered sizes.
  2. Shipping charges may be waived off,if the order is within 3 Km.
  3. All products are hand-made, customized to requirement and delivered by hand.
  4. All products are from natural ingredients only.
  5. Minimum 1 day required.
  6. Extra ₹ 250 is added for delivery between 9 PM to 12 AM
  7. Available in Bangalore only.

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